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Mental health programs are currently being developed by our team to teach women how to cope with depression and anxiety. We are working with a mental health specialist to teach women to identify triggers and practice strategies for self-care.

Health education is our core strategy for addressing poverty of health. Our health seminars that are held once per month at our weekly Super Saturday event teach adults how to establish a healthy lifestyle. Seminars focus on practical ways families can improve their health, such as better nutrition by eating vegetables and drinking water instead of soda, the importance of exercise, and how to select and prepare healthy foods. Families want to learn how to live healthier and we have seen a big impact from these seminars on health in the community. Children attend a weekly class focused on health, with lessons on vitamins, minerals, exercise, choosing healthy snacks, how to brush teeth, and more.

Community gatherings at our Super Saturday events help families get to know their neighbors. Each week, over 100 people gather to participate in a variety of activities. Classes for children are provided while women can select from a variety of options including an exercise class or learning a skill to help them to earn additional income. This gives women a chance to learn from each other while children are attending a class geared toward fun activities related to health and dental teaching. There is also a weekly time to play games together and share a meal. The event gives the community a regular time and space to meet, helping to build support networks.

Each charity’s page on our website will display as much contact information as we currently have available, including website URL, phone number, and physical address.

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